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These two poems are sisters (to read one by one or both at once)

These two poems are sisters
(to read one by one or both at once)
By Rojo Cordova

Translation: Svetlana G. Pribilowska

I. The wings that are weaved in the loom
(for Cassandra)

You don’t know it
But a glance
Can paint
Walls on our faces

She said, I shall give you the red
from my lips and skin
But Neither the yellow nor the blue he gave
For during the last three years
(since I met her)
All the veins in her body
Had mutated into a beating, running, walking loom:

“I’m a head on a bar
And hot soup:
You don’t know it:
But the thread that sews my blood
(the threads threaded in my loom)
Similar to several injected pastel tones
And odoured oils:
Myrrh, incense, sandalwood, musk and lemon,
Marijuana, magic flower, and giant of toloache,
Bot mint
And cinnamon:

Spiral and cutouts ductile and orange
and oiled chalks,
the smell of paper

The threads that thread my blood
(the webs I weave with my loom)
Are letters,
Are Santa Marías de las Feiras,
Are people
(maravillosasdeliciosas: to talk about an with
For hours and hours…)
Are puppet dolls, of clay and wood,
And fists of tight snow”, He said:

It is an act, a mirror, my chest, and she said:
It is an act, a mirror: my chest

But even though two open looms,
Are actually a secret weaving screen
for blankets of wool and cotton,
for skirts and veils as those that wear the gypsies
With little string bells in the
Black hair and loly-pop wings, colorful
That I can not see:
(at least I can listen to them)
A secret weaving that vibrates
And expands slowly with a buzz
Everyone here can hear the song of the
And the crouching of the central
Textile mill:
“We shall not die
We shall not die
But these blankets I weave for you
(these blankets you weave for me, we weave
Are going to stay
Are staying
Their birth will not cease
Their sound will not cease”

Everybody here can hear
Everybody here will hear
You don’t know and can barely imagine
But that look
(that glance for ever)
And these arms
(these arms for ever)
Will wrap you
And will not ever stop sounding

II. Never stop sounding
(for Yoli and her new guardian angel)

Mount of North
(the sun is setting)
There is a giant pinwheel nailed to you
A blue one
(a full one)
Nothing it has
But the wind that comes and says hi
(to nourish him and kiss him:) but most of all
To turn it into an instrument:
In the flute of Earth:
In a drum of falling water
(the sun is still setting)

Listen carefully
The tam tam,
Of the tótem pinwheel
Tam tam
Sound the drops of your skin
And listen how, little by little
You are sun-setting too

Listen to yourself moving
Listen how you are transforming
(and growing)
Growing into fresh sand
(with eyes wide open)
Staring from the first row at the stars

And you become
Mother, immeasurable that hugs
(and loves kissing)

And turns
In mother-sprinkle immeasurable blanket
that flies
and dances in the meadow
(smells like wet grass)
And plays “catch”
With the locks, and the ponytails, and the ribbons
Of the skies
that sing starlight lullabies of children from other
[They take care of you from there
You feel them here, always
Always by your side
Here with you they shall stay
Even you’ve let them go already]

Let them go

and you become, laughing
in mothers and million grandmas
inexorable from wool and cotton
That hug
And kiss slowly
And that love to rotate,
As much as they love to lull a sleep
And to caress warm little heads,
Warm and soft:
Little seeds of enormous universes
But right now they are falling a sleep
And smell like just bake breath

Shhhhh Shhhhh
Close you eyes
It’s time to sleep,
Don’t be afraid,
I am here:
Here with you I have been always
I’m hugging you tight just now
Do you feel it?

I am your mom
Shhhh Shhhh
breathe only
Do not worry,
Cry and scream
With eyes wide open
Cry and scream


It’s all right
Shhhh Shhhh
Listen to my heart …


Open the eyes of your essence,
I will only let you sleep a while
(an then all the pinwheels of Mount North
opened their eyes at once)
Open the eyes of your essence
Open them now

Sun rises
You are sun-rising
You sunrise in silence
(and silence isn’t silence, heart of light)

Listen how that fractal light of yours
Creaks little by little
Get up,
Go play far away from here
(don’t you worry, I’ll keep an eye on you)
Go and play know
And do not forget

Whether you are here or there
I will always take care of you
¿do you know what is your mission?
¿do you know what is it that you have to do?
Listen carefully:
Do not ever stop learning
Do not ever stop fighting
Do not ever stop laughing

But must of all
Do not ever stop sounding

[that I, from here
will never stop loving you]

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